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Old Photos April 23, 2010

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Well, I’m no pro, but I DO like taking pictures of nature, evidently.  All of my pictures were taken on my mission with my Kodak CD33 Zoom Digital Camera, and none of them were edited at all, and all of them were taken hand-held.  I think what I love most about these pictures are the vibrant colors. Admittedly, the composition of the shots could probably use some help, but, oh well.

1. VT Ducks – 6 Aug 2008, around 1 PM, Virginia Tech University, f/5.1, 1/160 sec.

2. Teays Valley – May 2008, around 10AM, Nitro, West Virginia, f/2.7, 1/640 sec.

3. Provo Temple – 17 February 2008, Provo, Utah, f/5.1, 1/1000 sec.

4. Country Roads – May 2008, around 2:00 PM, Teays Valley, West Virginia, f/3.2, 1/350 sec.

5. Fall in C’burg – 20 October 2008, 11:18 AM, Blacksburg, Virginia, f/2.8, 1/60 sec.


7 Responses to “Old Photos”

  1. Lee Bartelme Says:

    You DO like taking pictures of nature. Pretty shots… those are some amazing places.

  2. parksandwilson Says:

    i can! nice nature shots! (i found your blog btw)

  3. Jamie Says:

    Teays Valley is really pretty. I love the spring colors.

  4. joshschloss Says:

    I really like your “old photos.”

    Seriously, that picture of the tree with the pink blossoms in from of the house is my favorite! I just love the colors! I really like the composition of all the photos that you posted from your mission. Straight Awesomeness!

  5. Andrea Balmforth Says:

    Love the second picture. Great colors and composition. I also love the path with the trees surrounding it. The shadows of the trees on the path give it a more dramatic feel. Good work.

  6. Jimmy Says:

    Awesome past photos! I really like the photo of the temple and how it was composed. I also thought that the pads and the pond are awesome and has some great light that comes with it.

  7. Really like how clean the cut out was on the bear. You showed how an okay picture can be turned into a very great cut out that has a very high end finished look. The fall bridge pict is very nice and it has some good color schemes.

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