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Partial Cutout April 25, 2010

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1. Fire Hydrant: 28 April 2010, 5:43 PM, Baronessa Parking lot, f 4.1, 1/400 sec, Kodak Easyshare M736 Digital Camera

2. Fire Hydrant Cutout: Partial cutout with quick selection tool – refined edges on white

I actually took this picture kind of as a throw away, but it ended up being my favorite.  I think the composition of the actual picture could use some work.  Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to do the cutout along the sidewalk so that it didn’t look so blatently edited.  It’s odd too that the colors on the cutout look a lot richer than on the first photo, even though I didn’t do anything to effect the color.


7 Responses to “Partial Cutout”

  1. Lee Bartelme Says:

    You did a better job than me on the cutouts. I rushed a bit. It looks really good.

  2. parksandwilson Says:

    looks to me like you’ve got some made cutting skills yourself! good job!

  3. Jamie Says:

    I really liked the idea with the fire hydrant, it actually turned out really neat!

  4. joshschloss Says:

    I really like this cutout! I may just be a sucker for refined edges but I like the effect they give to the cutouts, and yours is a prime example!

  5. Caryn Says:

    This was a cool way to show the partial cutout. I worked nicely with the sidewalk and fire hydrant! Your bear cutout is so nicely done. The edges look nice and clean. Great work, but you should put both cutout in the same post. The Editing posts (even if there are two parts to the assignment) should go in the same post. Also, be sure to write a paragraph about the images. You can see an example under P1 Blog Sample.

  6. Andrea Balmforth Says:

    Great cutout with the fire hydrant. I like that the line goes against the sidewalk so its not a straight across partial cutout. Gives is a nice look.

  7. Jimmy Says:

    Great job on the cut out of both the cut out and also the cut out of the bear. I like how cut out totally works with the cars and it really brings out the subject a lot more.

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