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Blends and Type May 2, 2010

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1. Digger:  April 29th 2010, 7:59 PM, Rexburg, ID. f/2.7, 10/250   Sony DSC-H50.

2. Fence: April 29th 2010, 8:00 PM, Rexburg, ID. f/3.2, 10/130   Sony DSC-H50.

3. Dirt Wheel: April 29th 2010, 7:59 PM, Rexburg, ID. f/3.5, 10/60   Sony DSC-H50.

4. Dirt: April 29th 2010, 7:59 PM, Rexburg, ID. f/3.5, 10/150   Sony DSC-H50.

None of the original pictures have any edits on them.  I took each of them handheld with a Sony DSC-H50.  In the Blend, on the Digger I changed the saturation and vibrance to make the color come out.  I thought it was a really interesting and pretty color for such a big piece of construction equipment.  The Fence I only changed the opacity.  The Dirt Wheel I only changed the opacity and feathered the edges, and the Dirt picture I used for the words.  For that I used a drop shadow, with an inner shadow and an inner glow.


3 Responses to “Blends and Type”

  1. 1987dustin Says:

    This blending was awesome! Great textures to go along with the main “theme” of the picture. To me it looks like it just worked for ya. It may have been cool to if you left out the dirt wheel picture maybe to keep it from being so busy… but I think it turned out fairly well.

  2. I really like the color on that machinery. Great job with the text and the blending. This edit could go great with an advertisement or promo piece for a machinery company.

  3. jmbrunson Says:

    cool blends, it almost makes that excavator look like a toy! I might pick a different typeface though.

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