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Color Study May 4, 2010

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1. Bike – 3 May, 2010, 5:48 PM.  Rexburg, ID. f 7.1, 10/5000. Desaturated.

2. Boat Shoes – 3 May 2010, 5:39 PM.  Rexburg, ID.  f 2.8, 10/1000.  White level and saturation adjustments.

3. Watertower – 29 April 2010,  7:19 PM.  Rexburg, ID.  f 2.7, 10/1000.  Brightness, contrast and black level adjustments

4. Emily – 3 May 2010, 6:10 PM.  Rexburg, ID.  f  2.8, 10/800.  Black level adjustments.

The color blue has an amazing impact on the eye.  It calms while it energizes.  It’s the color of life.  I actually couldn’t decide what color to do my study on, and so I took lots of different colors.  But these blue ones were my favorite.  I love how versatile, rich, and saturated it can be, and all of it’s different variations.  All of these pictures were taken hand-held with a Sony DSC-H50.


3 Responses to “Color Study”

  1. 1987dustin Says:

    You got some great shots and angles here! I love ’em. The color blue, as common as it may be… really pops in these pictures and just looks good. I like how you used aperture priority a couple of them. I’ve never looked at the water tower in that way before either. Good job!

  2. You have some nice shots here. My favorite is of the shoes (I’m a sucker for macro shots.) You did some really nice angles and different subjects. (Definitely something I need to work on.)

  3. jmbrunson Says:

    Great tones and composition. You do a great job of using the frame to make us look at common forms in a new way.

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