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Action Blur and Freeze May 25, 2010

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1. GhostHands – 21 May 2010, Bannock, MT. f/8, 50/10, tripod, no edits

2. Andrea – 21 May 2010, Bannock, MT. f/3.5, 70/10, tripod, edited in Dynamic Photo

3. Skip – 21 May 2010, Bannock, MT. f/4, 10/6400, handheld, no edits

4. Jump – 21 May 2010, Bannock, MT. f/2.8, 10/5000, handheld, no edits

The Ghost shots and movement shots were fun to do.  My favorite is the ghost picture of Andrea.  I love how it only looks like she has half a body!  I showed all of my ‘ghost’ pictures to my niece and nephew, and then they thought that all of my pictures had ghosts in them and were pointing them out to me.


3 Responses to “Action Blur and Freeze”

  1. Kris Fryer Says:

    I absolutely love the photo of the piano and the ghost hands! Way good idea! I also really like the other ghost shot of Andrea. It almost looks as if she is walking through the door. Great job!

  2. Andrea Balmforth Says:

    The piano picture turned way good! I agree with Kris, it was a way good idea 🙂 I also like the skipping picture, its cute 🙂

  3. Jeralyn Says:

    Awesome ghost shots! The Andrea ghost is my favorite too. It just looks legit 🙂 Skipping…silly girls.

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