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Portraits May 25, 2010

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1. Riley – 21 May 2010, Bannock, MT.  f/3.5, 10/250, handheld, edited in Dynamic Photo.

2. RedShirt – 21 May 2010, Bannock, MT. f/3.5, 10/80, handheld, no edits

3. Levi – 21 May 2010, Bannock, MT. f/2.8, 10/500, handheld, no edits

4. Josh – 21 May 2010, Bannock, MT. f/2.8, 10/12500, handheld, no edits

All of these photos were taken with a Sony DSC-HX1.  I think that Portraits are the hardest pictures to take because a wooden door looks the same all the time.  People, however, are continually changing and moving and look different every time you push that shutter button.  Also, they are more critical of how they look after the picture has been taken.  I really like some of my portraits, and want to thank all of my models!!


3 Responses to “Portraits”

  1. Kris Fryer Says:

    The photo of Ryley makes him look like he is scared. The HDR effect definitely made the colors pop I’m sure. Its a great shot. Keep up the good work!

  2. Jimmy Says:

    Nice choice on angles with these portraits. They really make for interesting photographs of people. I also really like the last picture of Joaquin and how you got close to him and really created a new look with that image.

  3. Jeralyn Says:

    Ryley is my favorite portrait. The colors just really stand out well and it’s a good angle too. Great job Sarah!

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