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Edge Effects June 15, 2010

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1. Flower- 24 May 2010.  3:14 PM.  Southfield, MI.  f/3.2, 10/647.  Handheld, Nikon Coolpix P80, I made adjustments on the white and black levels and the brightness and contrast.

2. Hipie Hair – May 2010, 4:43 PM.  Rexburg, ID.  f/4, 10/3200, handheld, cropped

3. View from Above – 24 May 2010, 12:50 PM, Southfield, MI. f/4.5, 10/3736, handheld, , Nikon Coolpix P80, no edits

I REALLY like my first two pictures with the edits.  It was amazing to me just how easy and fast it is to make a picture turn into something really cool.  The third picture I like a lot, but I’m not crazy about my edits.  I think I’ll go back and probably make more white space.  It’s hard because the picture was so zoomed in, I didn’t feel like there was a lot for me to cut out.  Anyway, I love cool edge effects!


5 Responses to “Edge Effects”

  1. These edge effects are absolutely amazing. I especially like the mosaic flower one. That is so cool. Did you use a square brush? That is so great. I am going to incorporate some of your ideas into my future edits. Great work.

  2. joshschloss Says:

    Seth and I agree on almost anything, but that flower picture was really cool!! It looks super snazzy and gives the picture really cool spice. The Bird I thought was also very cool!

  3. Dustin Says:

    Your flower picture is great! Awesome job! The picture of the bird is a cool concept, but what if you tried putting a thicker stroke around the box surround the bird to bring your attention to it quicker and help with your focal point. Great job.

  4. Oh my goodness!!! You did such a graet job. I absolutly love that flower!!! You really did capture a really good image, and had nice light. I like that way you distributed the opacities. Good job!!

  5. Lee Bartelme Says:

    Great job on your edges. I like the first one. I did something very much the same and I love the effect. Yours looks really good.

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